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Financial Means
  Article 15
The financial resources of SIDCER are held by WHO/TDR. These resources are composed of contributions, solicited or unsolicited, from organisations and individuals wishing to support ethics in health research. All fund-raising activities proceed under the authority of the Development Officer of SIDCER, at the direction of the Steering Committee and they are regularly reviewed by the Ethics Officer and Steering Committee.

Annual General Meeting
  Article 16
16.1. Each year an Annual General Meeting is to be held. The program for the Annual General Assembly is determined by the Steering Committee and approved by the Director of WHO/TDR. The program must include a report of the past years’ activities of SIDCER, the Steering Committee, the Advisory Board, and the Secretariat, including an overview of the income and expenses, and an audited report of the accounts. In addition, the Steering Committee must report at the Annual General Assembly the planned activities for the coming three years.

16.2. The Annual General Assembly provides an occasion for reporting and consultation. Proposals for SIDCER activities are made by the Steering Committee to the Director of WHO/TDR.

16.3. The Annual General Assembly is open to all members of SIDCER (article 7.5), the members of the Steering Committee, Advisory Board, Secretariat, and those invited by the Steering Committee Chairperson and/or Director of WHO/TDR.

16.4. The Annual General Assembly is to be held at a venue and on the dates proposed by the Steering Committee Chairperson and approved by the Director of WHO/TDR. The dates and location are to be communicated to the participants at least 60 days in advance of the Annual General Assembly.

16.5. The Annual General Assembly may not be held in the same geographical region twice consecutively.

16.6. The Steering Committee may decide to call a Special Annual General Assembly at any time for consultation on specific issues

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