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Aim and Duration
  Article 6
6.1 SIDCER has the primary aim of fostering independent in-country decision-making regarding the ethics of health research by establishing an international network for promoting mutual understanding on issues affecting the dignity of research subjects and their communities.

6.2 SIDCER strives to achieve this objective through the following activities:

  a) to encourage the development of regional and country fora for members of ethical review committees

  b) to solicit and provide support for established regional and country fora, as appropriate and as required

  c) to foster partnerships at national, regional, and international levels with other entities or organizations sharing common values and common goals

  d) to promote the development and implementation of actions designed to improve the quality of ethical review (e.g., accreditation)

  e) to facilitate and support education on substantive issues in biomedical research ethics related to ethical review, in collaboration with universities, international academies, and other relevant institutions/organisations

  f) to assist in the collection, development, and distribution of educational materials for members of ethical review committees

  g) to promote regional and country workshops for the implementation of the Operational Guidelines for Ethics Committees That Review Biomedical Research

  h) to participate in international discussions on research ethics

  i) to facilitate resource mobilization that ensures the sustainability of regional and country activities.

6.3 The initiative is established for an indefinite period of time.

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