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  Article 7
7.1 The initiative engages partnerships with the following regional fora of ethical review committees as the core members:

   a) Forum for Ethical Review Committees in Asia & Western Pacific (FERCAP)

   b) Foro Latino Americano de Comit?s de ?tica en Investigacion en Salud [Latin American Forum of Ethics Committees in Health Research] (FLACEIS)

   c) Pan-African Bioethics Initiative (PABIN)

   d) Forum for Ethics Committees in the Confederation of Independent States (FECCIS)

   e) Forum for Institutional Review Boards [IRBs] / Ethics Review Boards [ERBs] in Canada and the United States (FOCUS).

7.2 Membership is open to regional forum of ethical review committees as well as organizations involved in international biomedical research and research ethics.

7.3 National fora of ethical review committees may be members of SIDCER if they are not members of regional forum represented in SIDCER. To the same extent, individual persons may become members of SIDCER with the aim to create national or regional fora or contribute significantly to the realization of SIDCERís aims.

7.4 Nomination for a national forum, organization, or individual person to become a member of SIDCER may come from any member of SIDCER. Membership is based on proposal by the Steering Committee and approval by WHO/TDR.

7.5 Membership in SIDCER entitles each member (individual or organization) to a single voting representative at the Annual General Assembly.

7.6 Membership ends:

   a) For national fora and individual members by becoming member of a regional forum;
   b) By a letter of withdrawal from SIDCER addressed to the Steering Committee and WHO/TDR.
   c) By the failure to participate or be excused in more than three consecutive Annual General Assemblies.
   d) By a majority vote of the Steering Committee and acceptance by WHO/TDR that the member is damaging to SIDCER. An organisation whose membership has been withdrawn must be informed in writing by WHO/TDR. The member may appeal the decision of the Steering Committee to the Director of WHO/TDR.

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