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More Past Events:

No Title Date Place
1 International Workshop: Development of the Recommendation on Application of SOP for Ethical Review in Biomedical Research 30 September-2 October 2004 Kiev, Ukraine
2 Health Legislation in Human Rights Protection and Access to Medicine in Health Research in the CIS 28-30 October 2004 Baku, Azerbaijan
3 Legal Frame Work of The Protection of Human Rights and Dignity in Biomedical Research 6-7 December 2004 Saint Petersburg, Russia

No Title Date Place
1 Japan Workshop on Standard Development of Operating Procedures (SOP) for Ethical Review of Health Research 13-15 February 2003 Nagasagi, Japan
2 Thai-Laos Workshop on Development of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for the Ethical Review of Health Research Ethics 27-29 June 2003 Bangkok, Thailand
3 Annual Steering Committee Meeting 17-19 July 2003 Kanjanaburi, Thailand
4 Training on Bioethics Research 31 July-2 Aug.2003 Nagasagi, Japan
5 Western Institute Review Board (WIRB) Training on Ethical Review 6 - 7 August, 2003 Bangkok, Thailand
6 Workshop on Ethical and Legal Aspects of International Collaboration 15-17 Jan 2004 Chennai, India
7 Workshop on Survey and Evaluation of Ethical Review 3-5 May 2004 Bangkok, Thailand
8 Workshop on Case Study Development and Ethical Issues 6-7 May 2004 IMCR, New Delhi, India
9 International Course in Research Ethics 24-26 July, 2004 Nagasaki University, Japan
10 International Training in Bioethics Research 1-3 August 2004 Fukuoka
11 International Course in Research Ethics September 2004 Bangkok, Thailand

No Title Date Place
1 First Central American Ethics in Research Review Conference 27 October - 2 November 2003 San Jose, Costa Rica

No Title Date Place
1 International Conference on Quality Improvement and Performance Evaluation in Systems of Human Research Protection October 2003 Montreal, Canada
2 International Conference on Institutional Conflict of Interest 4-5 June 2004 Washington DC, USA

No Title Date Place
1 PABIN/INSERM workshop 21-23 October 2002 Paris, France
2 SOP for Ethical Review of Health Research 17-21 February 2003 Entebbe, Uganda
3 International Conference on Good Health Research Practices in Africa 28-30 April 2003 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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