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Android Auto is the perfect partner for anyone who spends a lot of time on the road. With its powerful tools and intuitive layout, it makes it easy to access music, navigation, communication, and more from the convenience of your vehicle. Installing the Android Auto app on your device from the Google Play Store keeps your Android phone running smoothly and allows you to stay connected while on the go. Unfortunately, sometimes life events lead to the need to uninstall Android Auto. This guide will provide information on how to successfully uninstall Android Auto from your device. This app is great for those wanting to use maps, listen to music, and more while driving. But if you find it too distracting or redundant, then uninstalling Android Auto could be a good idea. We will walk you through the step-by-step process so that you can get back to a streamlined driving experience with ease.

Introduction to Uninstalling Android Auto 

Android Auto is a car display and infotainment system developed by Google. The new product from 2015 makes it possible to enjoy a smartphone seamlessly while driving a vehicle. Android Auto allows users to access applications, navigation, media, messaging, and more via their car’s display. However, some users may wish to uninstall Android Auto for various reasons. This article will explore the process for uninstalling Android Auto and provides tips on what to do afterward. It will also highlight the considerations and benefits of uninstalling Android Auto, as well as explore alternatives for those wishing to use infotainment systems other than Android Auto. 

uninstall android auto

Understanding the Reasons for Uninstalling Android Auto

For some, Android Auto may be too expensive to have installed in their car, while others are not pleased with its overall performance. Given the growing worries about data security, it is not unexpected that some people choose to not install the app. Financial constraints may make it infeasible to upgrade to a compatible phone, while users who want to have more discretion over their infotainment may choose to forgo the app entirely. Ultimately, the decision to uninstall Android Auto is an individual choice based on a range of factors.

The process for uninstalling Android Auto is fairly straightforward. First, open the Google Play Store on your smartphone and select the “Uninstall” option located under the Android Auto app.  

Benefits of Uninstalling Android Auto 

There are several benefits that come with uninstalling Android Auto, beyond freeing up storage space on your smartphone. Uninstalling the app can help improve battery life by eliminating background processing and updates. Additionally, it will help reduce wear and tear on your car, as the car’s display will no longer be in constant use. Uninstalling Android Auto gives you an opportunity to explore other infotainment systems that may have better features and capabilities that can better meet your requirements.

Troubleshooting Issues After Uninstalling Android Auto 

Sometimes, after uninstalling Android Auto, users may experience a few issues. If you have any problems, such as the app crashing or difficulty reconnecting your smartphone after the app has been uninstalled, there are some steps you can take to resolve these issues. For example, you can uninstall and reinstall the Android Auto app, or delete and reinstall the app on your phone and car display. Additionally, you can try to reset the vehicle’s Bluetooth or restart both your smartphone and the car. 

Exploring Alternatives to Android Auto 

For those who wish to try out an alternative to Android Auto, there are a few options available. Apple CarPlay is Apple’s version of Android Auto, which is compatible with many newer vehicles. Additionally, automakers have developed their own infotainment systems, such as Ford’s Sync system, which is used on many of its vehicles. Finally, there are a number of third-party infotainment systems available, such as Sony’s Xperia Link. 

Security Considerations for Uninstalling Android Auto 

One of the most important considerations when uninstalling Android Auto is security. It is important to be aware that uninstalling the app will not remove any personal data that you have stored on the car’s display. Additionally, you should make sure to remove all of your Google accounts from the car display, as well as any applications that you have installed through the Android Auto app. This ensures that your data is secure and that no leaked data will be accessible through the app. 


Uninstalling Android Auto isn’t difficult if you know the necessary steps. Uninstalling can be done quickly if you follow the steps above, and can help to make sure that your device is no longer being used by the app. It is important to make sure that your device is up-to-date with the latest version of Android Auto for safety and security reasons, but if you follow these steps and are having trouble uninstalling the app, you should contact an Android support specialist to troubleshoot any potential issues.

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